Live Rock dirty


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I have added live rock to my 95 gallon tank as posted in other threads.

Do I want to take my turkey baster from time to time and blow off all the crap that sits onto the live rock?

SHould I be doing this during the cycling stage?

Seems like a lot of junk sits on those rocks
You use the turkey baster, but you might be better off dunking the rock into some buckets vigorously to get any of the dead crap off the rock. If you get junk settling on the rock over time, you might not have enough water flow in the area, and may consider adding more powerhead.
I just use a turkey baster from time to time on the rock. You could also siphon some out, since the rock is still curing. Some water changes might help with tank conditions, and good flow is definitely important. I'd probably have at least 1000 gph total circulation in that size tank.