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I'm breaking down my tanks and selling what I can. The rock I'm asking $3 lb. I have no idea how much there is, but it's nice rock.....maybe 30-50lbs all together, but not sure. Other than occassional outbreaks of hair algae I haven't had any major pests evident on the rock...but..there are a couple of majano anemone on the rock in the 50...but I only see 2..first time since I've had the rock and it must have come in on a coral I tossed in there a few months ago.

I don't have much coral left, sold almost all of it at the FFM. But I do have a few. I hope I've priced these reasonably...just taking a stab here..

frogspawn-$20 and $25 (5or6 heads on one, 3or4 on the other)
green polyp toadstool-$25
small frag of blue cloves-$5
small frag of blue xenia-$10

pair of ocellaris clowns-$30
pair of banggai cardinals-$50

I can't guarantee that the banggais are a breeding pair, but I did have 3 and had to sell the 3rd as it was being terrorized by only one of the other two. I'm thinking those were both males and the one that wasn't interested in bullying could be female. The two of them get along very well.

50gallon tank with stand and canopy (the canopy needs a little work)-$100
2-dual 30in T-5 aqualight fixtures with fairly new bulbs, purchased in Jan...I have the receipts - $20 each

I also have a firefish, yellow neon goby, 2 peppermint shrimp and a trio of yellow tail damsels that I can donate to the lutz tank....along with what I have left of my IO reef crystals...about 50+ gallons worth. If there is someone who can hold them till that tank is ready, let me know...because if I sell all this I won't have anywhere to put them.

I'm located in Ashford, CT....not far from E.O. Smith where the frag market was recently held.

It's been an enjoyable hobby....but time to move on. I haven't been especially active here in the past couple of years, just so busy in other areas of my life....but you all are a great group of folks ! Thanks for everything Jon ! :)

15gallon tank


20long banggai tank









I'm interested in medium to large peices of rock, and I am very close by... I will send u a pm...

sweet d

Intersted in the small to medium pieces of rock if you could put me in line I'm also not far from ashford lmk.


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Got your pm pallobi and replied.

Sweet d ....the rock I have is small to medium...I don't think there are any really large pieces in there.

Hi Anthony...I'm up in Ashford....about 8 miles East of the UCONN main campus. The lights are yours if you want them.


If its smaller ill leave it for Dave, it'll work better for him... Thank you jus the same for returning my pm... Hope I didn't hold anyone up...


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No problem's mostly medium, the really large pieces I sold last year. Dave backed out so it's still available

Clowns are taken


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No problem's mostly medium, the really large pieces I sold last year. Dave backed out so it's still available

Clowns are taken
I m interested in any tanks/accessories but my phone isn't loading the photos so I'm not sure if anything is available in that sense. A 150 watt heater or 500gph powerhead or test kits or refractometer?


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Hi Stepho, no test kit or refractometer...but I do have a couple of koralias and plenty of tanks and "stuff" laying around...largest tank being a 50gallon that comes with stand and canopy...the canopy needs a hinge fix.