live rock life


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It's hard to say. Some will come out fairly quickly once water parameters get into the proper ranges. My reef's been up for over two years or so and I'm literally seeing some things for the first time now.


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Avi had it right on. I have had a 75 up for a little over a year and I am still finding new things all the time.

However, I noticed my first Soft Coral after about 2 months. It has now grown about 10" tall!

Just keep loking/checking. It will happen!


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i got all kinds of hitchikers, from polyps to urchins, i got my rock from indonesia
and tonga

heres a pic of the indo with my hitchiker urchin


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I'd go with the leads you're getting here. I got my rock through a local fish store. It was pretty nice but not as nice as the stuff I've seen available from reliable rock sources on the Internet. They generally have a lot more variety than the rock that I got locally, even if mine isn't bad.