Live Rock (Plant??) ID Help & Bubble Algae


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I'm pretty sure I spotted what is bubble algae starting on my live rock. Live rock has been in the tank for 2 weeks now and cycling with no fish. Did I read that bubble algae is bad? How should I get rid of it before it gets going too strong. I've only spotted one "bubble" so far.

Also, can anyone tell me what this "plant" is that is growing on my live rock. The one pictured is about an inch tall, but it appears to be sprouting up on several pieces of live rock.



TIA, Jim
In regards to the bubble algae...after reading some more and seeing a photo it seems that bubble algae is green or black. The bubble I saw was clear, so maybe it's not bubble algae. It's also gone now, so who knows.
I'd need a sharper picture to say much. The second one is a great size, if you could get a sharper version.
I'm going to guess either gracillaria or botryocladia, Its hard to tell from the pics with the other algae growing on it.

Here's a species of gracillaria which is similar in appearance,


and a species of botryocladia.


and an article about Bubble algae
I'm not sure what I have is either one of the photos you suggest. This is sort of like a miniature tree, with a "trunk" so to speak, and then the branches, etc.
It's hard to see from the first pic, but the growth consists of many individual sprouts. I have drawing of the individual growth form.

gracillaria is very good. Anything like tangs or other algae loving fish will go nuts for this stuff. If you plan on having algae eating fish and have a fuge, grow it in there, and make it live fish food for your fish.