live rock question


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Hey everyone need some help
i have a 20 gal tank, and it was near end of cycling almost no nitrites no ammonia and 20 nitrate. i just got 5lbs of cured live rock delivered to me today bc everyone here said i should just get some. some people told me to recure it when i get it, even tho i got it cured and some told me just to put it in my tank. well i but it in a bucket of good saltwater at the right temp and have some power heads giong. there is a lot of debris and im glad i didnt stick it in the tank cuz it looks like it would of got really cloudy and dirty. So now what... do i just brush it and put it in the tank? or am i going to have to wait a couple of days to stick it in there?
Was the rock out of water more than 20-30 minutes? if so than you need to recure will probley cause another cycle or at least a mini cycle. If thier is alot of mud or dirt on it i would scrub the rock . So in short i would clean and cure the rock in a seperate bucket of water that has power heads and a heater in it. Than when its done cureing than add to main tank.
Have you tested the water in the bucket it is sitting in? If those reading are good add it to your tank and if they are bad then leave it to cure in the bucket longer.