Live Rock?


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I have a Red Sea Max 170 (45 gal)

I am looking to get live rock. Checked Tampabay saltwater and I heard this is the best rock.

I am thinking of getting the rock but 90lbs of rock seems like too much. Also Nano vs reg size I am guessing the size difference so thats something having to consider. I am thinking 25lbs of base rock and 20lbs of premium; No sand bottomless perhaps or only 1.25 inches of sand.

redoing tank by the way. Any other live rock suppliers recommended?

Love suggestions please.


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See if you can get Walt Smith aquacultured rock. Man made rock that get seeded in the ocean for years.

Michael Hoaster

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I second You can get smaller quantities (as little as 10 lbs!) and the prices already include shipping.