Live Sand on Ebay


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Has anyone bought live sand on Ebay from this place/person: fijisandman under the heading 40LB WHITE FIJI AQUACULTURED LIVE SAND + REFUGIUM KIT. If so is this stuff any good, any input would be greatly appreciated since I want to buy a large amount and dont want to get junk.



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FWIW, I personally do not think live sand is all that useful compared to how people (especially sellers) ham it up.

If you set your tank up with any amount of decent live rock, and you use an appropriate grade of sand (from sugar-grain and slightly more coarse) you will, in short order, end up with something better than the bagged live sand (meaning, lots of animals).

In other words, live sand may help (maybe) cycle the tank a touch quicker, but after a month or two, it's the same as the sand in anyone else's tank.

I put regular aragonite in my tank (Aragamax select non-live, just b/c I liked the look) along with my rock.

Right now my tank is pushing 3 months old, and there are hundreds of worms along the front glass buried under the sand, and dozens and dozens of spaghetti worms.

Note that my tank is also a 10 gallon ;)