Livestock for sale.......

The Saltman

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Hi guys,

Have some items for sale out of my 72 bowfront

5+year old maroon clown--very nice big looking clownfish $75
You have to see this clown to appreciate how good looking he is

2 starfish--make offer

About 80-90 pounds of fiji live rock. $200 for all.

mandarin---$20 have had him for about a year. Very healthy and active. Will take frozen brine shrimp.

Royal Gramma----$10

I am located in Fremont, Ohio. Anyone interested in stopping by, please pm me and we can set something up. Anyone who also buys anything will get some free turbo snails and nassarious snails that I can dig up.
is the mandarin green with the targets or the other type? may be intrested in him and the stars.. what kind are they?
After livestock is all sold, I will also have a 72 Reef Ready bowfront tank available for sale that will include a 20 gallon sump. It will include a Mag drive 7. If anyone wants to make any advance offers, I will will listen, but I have to sell all livestock first
bump for a great seller. The clown fish is def worth the $$$. You won't be dissapointed.

Thanks again James for such a great deal on the liverock. I couldn't be happier man do they look good under my halides absolutely stunning. Good luck and take care.
72 gallon RR bowfront tank for sale......

72 gallon RR bowfront tank for sale......

72 gallon Reef Ready bowfront tank is now for sale. Had it for one year. Very good condition. It will come with a mag drive 7 pump for the return. It will also come with a 20 gallon sump. Will also included 2 heaters. They are the Stealth heaters. Asking $375 for everything. Pics of the tank setup can be viewed in my photo gallery.