livestock your constantly saving from danger...


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does anyone else have this issue?

I had a snail one time (forgot the species) that was constantly falling off the glass and landing on his back. I was flipping him multiple times a day and eventually told him it was just too bad he was stupid and he would have to suffer the consequences... I much prefer the shell on the blue leg hermit that now sports his shell around the reef

I also have a starfish I saved last week from one of my corals which was closing up on him. he drug himself around the tank with 2 legs for a while and swelled up as his usless legs flapped in the current. today I saved him from an anemone that was almost on top of him, I had to flip him back over after he fell off the rock I set him on, and I watched as he climbed the glass with 4 legs as the coral that had previously almost eaten him had a hold of the 5th leg.

at what point do you just give up and let the stupid ones get eaten?


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My midas blenny...he likes to go on the water slide ride to the sump. Have had to dig him out of my overflow or catch him in my sump twice now and I've only had him for two weeks.


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My hermit crabs like to get on my fighting conch's shell sometimes. I've never seen them go for the "head" but I knock them off when I see this because I just don't trust hermit crabs.


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I have a snail that kept climbing to the outside of the glass so I kept him wet till I could get him back in.One day he was upside down on my stand looking pretty dry I put him back in the tank and he hasn't tried to escape again.


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My snails regularly are getting out of my tank, and I am finding them on the floor. I just bought screening material to build a top for my tank. Luckily, they sealed themselves up and were only out a few hours at most, when I popped them back in the tank they were just fine.


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My turbo snails kept climbing on my vortech power heard. After a few months of taking them off it everyday I finally decided to leave them to their own fate. About a week ago I came home to find about a dime size piece of one of their shells in the sand. He lived but it looks like he got too close to the rotor and it took off that part of his shell. None of them have been near the vortech's since.


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I had a blue legged hermit that couldn't make up his mind on what shell was better for him. He would switch daily... Lights on or lights off, it didn't matter.

Well, one day he was being devoured by my snails and peppermint shrimp. Must have got caught with his pants down!!!

I lose astrea snails every now and then. The fall, reach, give up- and then sacrifice themselves to the scavengers.

I used to try and help, but you know what?! Survival of the fittest homie!