lobster tank conversion


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i have recently aquired a marineland commercial lobster tank. i am guessing it to be about 110-120 gl. it is 24*24*48 in
i paid 100$ for it and everything looks to be in working order. it has a huge in line chiller the size of a window a/c unit with a thermostat that goes to 20F. it is in good shape but the bottom is fiberglass with the drainpan like set up.

i am sure i am describing this poorly! i was thinking of using the chiller on my other tank but its to big for me to hide under the stand of my other tank. so i am thinking of just setting it up as another marine tank but am not sure what to do about sandbed and drains and all that stuff. anybody ever done a conversion? i am sure i could come up with something on my own but if someonelse has done it before i would like to learn from them so as to avoid same problems they had.

thanx in advance all you guys are so great..


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Pics would help us understand the setup, sounds interesting. I think the guys in the DIY forum might have some answers for you -- there are folks there that could mod a TV into a reef, given the right motivation.


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It looks like a larger sized crushed coral bottom would work on the tank and I assume it can support live rock from the pictures in the manual. I believe you could have anything you want in the tank. Personally, I would do a seahorse tank. You have low flow and colder temps which seahorses require.