Local acrylic fabricators?


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Hi all,

I want to make an unusually sized HOB fuge/skimmer... My DIY skills are sub-par, so I want to find someone who does this kind of work professionally and have them do it for me.

Does anyone have a recommendation of a local person or company that could do this for me? It's a 1 time thing and a fairly simple project. 23.5" high x 20" wide x 2.5" thick w/ 4 baffles/dividers (made from 1/4" acrylic). I already have the bulkheads that I need, and I can do the plumbing; I just need the box built. :)

So far, here are the companies that I've found that might do this kind of thing:
- Acrylic Images
- Precision Plastics

If anyone has any experiences or suggestion, please post them here! :D



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I talked to tap plastics and they seemed a little iffy because it was for an aquarium. I think they've had some bad experiences in the past... I don't mind spending a little $ if I'm assured quality.

I'll go talk to them a little bit more. Thanks Steve. :)