Local source for 4" diameter Acrylic or PVC?


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So I've decided to give a go at building my own Kalk reactor.

Anyone know where I could get the 4" diameter acrylic or PVC for the body?

Also - has anyone built their own and have experience/tips in doing it?
How big of a piece are you looking at - I'm wanting to make a kalk reactor myself. If its a 3-4 ft piece I might be able to split it with you.

I tried Regal Piedmont - but - they don't carry 4" - theres another place downtown - but - there not open until monday (Laird Plastics I think.
I'm actually trying to avoid using acrylic as opposed to PVC if I can. Apparently it's a lot easier to cut/drill without any cracks. In addition, regular PVC glue will work with it instead of having to use weld-on.
Makes sense - I'm wanting to use the acrylic so I can "practice" before I attempt building my own sump.