LocTite super glue


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I got a sweet deal on some clearance super glue at Lowe's. I was hoping it was reef safe? Also how good does this stuff work? I have some other glue that works great but this glue was only 10 cents and I got all they had.



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as long as it says cyanoacrylate you should be ok. The gel type works best because it is easier to work with, but you can't beat that price!


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the gel is better 'cos it's easier to use without sticking your fingers to the frags, rocks, or other fingers! but 10cents a tube?

I'd be tempted to mix it with some really fine sand to try and get a thicker substance to work with...

so now, my fingers are stuck to the frags, rocks, fingers, sand, mixing dish, and plastic mixing spatula!


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I've been using that glue for almost a year... I get it at my toolcrib at work for free :)
But, like zues says, be careful b/c it is runny and you will get your fingers covered in glue if you aren't careful!