Long lost pistol & a mystery crab


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First, does everyone remember that ill-fated saltwaterfish.com order from awhile back? The one where everyone lost their fish, shrimp, etc? Well low and behold, the other night as Brian is moving around some rocks in the 92, a ghost emerged... Our Randall's pistol that we got with that order is alive!! He came in at about 1/2" and hasn't grown much since, but he is still alive!!


We honestly didn't see him even once after he got dumped in. We figured he bit the big one just like everyone else's. Instead, he's hanging out with the black ray fin goby and digging tunnels like there's no tomorrow. There was great celebration in our kitchen that night. The thing that really makes you wonder is, if he's been living undetected for this long, what else is in there that we have no idea about...?!?


Secondly, does anyone have an idea about an ID for this little crab?


He's super tiny, as in maximum of 1/8" across his carapace - he would definitely fit on my thumbnail. We got the base from the acro used in the fragging demo at the swap. After we got it home and were ready to put it in, we found this little guy hanging on. Assumption says that he's just a regular ol' acro crab. However, he doesn't look like one we've ever seen. He's currently living in a tupperware container in the sump until proven innocent.


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I can't see his claws, and especially the tips of the claws, but for now he doesn't set off any alarms in my head.


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Very nice! What fun finds. That crab just looks cool to me... I'd buy one if they were commonly available. :D



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Thanks for getting back to me Marc!

If I remember correctly off the top of my head, I think Jason found his deceased...but I could be wrong. It is always cool to find something good in the tank that you didn't know was in there.

The crab is very cool, I'm glad he's not setting off any obvious radar at this point...