Long Nose Hawkfish


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I am considering adding a Longnose Hawkfish (Oxyeirrhites typus).

Will he bother my other small fish (310 tank)?

2 ocelaris clown, bigger then the hawk
1 Royal Gramma
1 Mandarin

do I need a top?

Thanks in advance


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I had a LNH a while back and he was in with your exact list in my 90 gal. No Problems. Mine was about 3" long. I even had a 1/2" Yellow Clown Goby and he didn't bother that.

As for the top, I would say yes or a tall rim around the tank. I lost mine to jumping. And if you find other posts on them, you'll see they are known jumpers. My tank is in a wall, only the back is were the fish could jump out. I had a 1x4 rim along the back, with only a 3" section missing for the pipes. Either mine found that opening or jumped over the 1x4. He was dry when I found him.


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Mine also committed sucide after a year. He never bothered any of my other fish although the clown's picked on him a little.


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Way back in the day I had one, it jump out. Lucky for it, it hit the water cooler and made a noise, managed to get it back in the tank in time.