Long Overdue Updated Pics of Tank :)


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So it's been awhile that I've been saying I will post new pics, finally got my butt in gear so here they are! The tank is a 210, I have pretty much only been focusing on the fish stock in the tank and after the holidays start stocking it with sps, my eventual goal will be a sps only reef. Enjoy the pics of my babies :) (my camera sucks so out of about 50 pictures these are the best, lol)

Full tank shot:


My carpet anemone (gotten huge!) and Black & White clown pair:


My Regal Angel, have had at least 4 or 5 months now:


My pride and joy; my Achillies!! Have had 2 or so months now, man they are hard to get a good pic of, such fast movers:


My super fat blonde naso:


Big boys together:


Best pic I could get of everybody, I have a lot of fish in there, figured I would only highlight the bigger guys otherwise there would be wayyyy too many pics on this thread:


Hope you enjoyed!

Jessica :)


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That carpet is huge...
Sounds like a good plan Jessica, let the tank mature and start slowly adding sps. Looks like a nice scape to add some sticks...:)

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Hey I have that same wrasse they are cool, but I have no clue what kind it is.

I also had achillies but he didnt make.

Tank is looking great!


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Your tank is so awesome. Fish are healthy too.Thank you for sharing ur pic of ur tank.I can't wait till i can get a bigger tank


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Plyle -- thanks for the compliments, i can't wait to start adding the sticks haha

Pacific reefs -- which wrasse? I have an exquisite and a melenarus, the melenarus is the one with the stripes and blue/green color.

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Great tank, beautiful fish.

But watch that carpet, keep him well fed or he just may start, if one gets to close to have a early X-mas dinner.


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Nice bluethroat! let me know if your ever looking to re-home that guy. I've tried ordering 2 in the last couple months and they both died the exact same way within the exact same time frame from the same symptoms.


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Wow, they're looking great, kiddo! I wish I didn't have a tang free tank or I'd want one of those achilles as well. I can't believe how enormous that carpet has gotten! I've had mine for about 12 years now and yours is bigger than mine already! Congrats on a job well done!


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Nice rockwork! Love that tank!!! That regal angel looks great. Watch what corals you put in, they tear up brains and zoos from my experiences..... but look who I'm giving advice to LOL. You prob know way more than me about fish!!!


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thanks for all the kind words! I am very proud of my fish collection and the carpet anemone. corals soon i hope :)