Look what I got at the LFS today...


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Picked this up today at my LFS; I think it is a Granulosa, but, can anyone confirm?? It looks very similar to the one fragfarmer.com has called the Skittles Granulosa.



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looks like a granny to me. That is weird with the concave holes though...

Yeah, I thought so, too, it almost looks like it encrusted something that had a hole in it; but, it didn't... After looking at my Veron's Book, I'm thinking it might be a Loripes, how can I tell the difference?


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I have a nice granulosa I got from RM a ways back...maybe a year and a half ago. It is growing really well for me. I keep it on the bottom and way off to the side in the front corner...I am not sure it needs to be out of the light that much but that is where it ended up and it is growing great. It has a green base with blue/purple tips and some yellowish/orange sheen to the base. Quite a ncie coral.