Looking for 250w MH SE bulb --help me pick


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Im starting a new tank and Im looking for bulb selection help. Ive been running T5s on my 75 with great results but I think for the next tank Im going with a single 250watt on a Galaxy ballast with the Lumenbright Mini reflector( black pendant sytle) . Ive decided upon that however now I need to order a bulb. Its a 2x2x2 cube tank that I will transfer most of my SPS with a few nice LPS/zoas/clams. I want something that makes corals POP but not too blue and still retain a good PAR value.

Ive talked with my LFS guy and he was telling me XM 20k bulbs are nice and I saw a tank with it and it was appealing. Ive also heard good things about the 20 radiums. What are you all running without actinics that makes you say WOW?

Thanks for any input-


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I am thinking of trying the Radiums, but right now I am running 2*250 XM 20K SE's over my 58 (( with a Galaxy ballast )) and I am very pleased with them. I am getting nice colors and very nice growth. (( should note that I have 2*96 PC -- one dual actinic and one 50/50 ))


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Radiums and XM both are excellent bulbs. I use Radium 20K SE 400 W and XM DE 20K 250 W on two different tanks.


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My new 400w radium just showed up in the mail today and...oh my! I think Im gonna like it. And its just a baby...cant wait til it burns in.


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whats the par on a 20k radium bulb on the galaxy ballast> ? anyone have a link or can tell me?