looking for 300 plus tank!


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So I've been hiding in the bushes for some time now. Never said anything. . I remodeled a house. Sarah and I had 2 kids. Sold the house. Bought a new one together then built my "ultimate" 120, still make out reef food and love showing the tank.. needless to say!

Hello hey welcome back.
It's truly beautiful a beautiful tank in many many ways. Although I'm tired of the limited space ha e concidered stepping back up to a 300 Gallon plus tank again. I miss having room for tangs extra tanks. Reactors or just a place to hide from it all! I love e a good meeting alone in the stand! SO I'd like to find 300 plus gallons. Stand and canopy would be nice. Taller is BetteR for stand and canopy. Tank I'd like to be 8ft but 6 will be cool too. Visible from 3 sides. 4 would be epic! Let me know what you have and what you can find. Thanks a million

Mitch and sarah!