Looking for a 29/20/20L drilled tank.


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Looking for a spare tank that has been drilled to tinker with.

30 inch max length, 24" minimum. 29g or 20g will do but prefer 20 long.



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Ah... you've got some extra letters in there then. You want φιλος + ιχθυς to construct your neologism. But a classical Greek speaker would probably probably call himself a φίλος τῶν ἰχθύων.

Sorry to distract from the purpose of your post. Now, does anybody have a drilled tank for this fine man?


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I have a drilled 20High. it's fitted with a glass holes overflow kit. but if you don't want it i can reuse it. send me a message if your interested.


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tyler, thanks. I created the avatar in a brief late night moment of creativity and was trying out different methods of "inscribing" the bust. It was never finished so the tau for theta swap and last sigma were left as is. Ive always meant to finish it but never got around to it. Maybe the holidays will give me some time to unveil v1.1 :D

Glad someone was able to read it though :thumbsup:

lisound, sent pm.


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I also have a 20g long acrylic tank with one hole drilled in upper corner on end of tank (2" hole).

Let me know if interested. I have no need of the tank and since its acrylic its fairly easy to drill wherever you wish for new holes.

Maybe a trade for a frag?