Looking for a Continuous duty peristaltic pump


I am looking for a QUIET continuous duty peristaltic pump for my calcium reactor but I need a small form factor. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I was looking at Stenner and Cole-Palmer. I just need something variable, simple, small and quiet as it will be in use in my bedroom. For cost I was looking in the range of $150-$400 new or used.



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I think it will be a challenge finding a 'bedroom' quiet continuous duty pump. With continuos duty the motors are generally much larger and heavier duty than you would find on the hobby dosers we use. I have a cole parmer that I use for continuos water changes that I keep in my basement but and is defiantly not something you would want in the bedroom.

I've never heard a stenner run before so I can't speak for those. Possibly another option is those hospital dosers you can get off eBay. Seems like they should be built well but again not sure about noise level.


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FWIW, the Litermeter while being a great dosing pump is not particularly quiet and I don't really consider it continuous duty in that it needs it's rollers cleaned somewhat regularly depending on how often it's running. I used a Litermeter 3 for a few years to manage my automatic water changes and while I love the Litermeter, the maintenance and calibrations every few months was my only gripe.

The Cole Palmer pumps are arguably one of the best continuous duty pumps and while I have no first hand experience with them, as mentioned above, they are fairly noisy according to those that run them.

For my ATO pump, I use an Aquamedic dosing pump. I went that route as it is slow and if I ever had an issue with a float switch, the reduction in salinity would be slow enough that my failsafes would alert me long before my salinity levels were even close to critical. While it's not really a continuous duty pump, it needs little to no maintenance and is virtually silent. They are also cheap enough that I keep a spare pump and hoses for easy service and maintenance. The only real maintenance they need is the hose being changed every several months and an occasional greasing of the rollers which can be done while the unit is in operation.
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