Looking for a top canopy or acrylic lids


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looking to see if someone has made or can make 3 acrylic lids for a 125.. i have 3 seperate sections on top of tank..what i would really like is a canopy made..


gotta love saltwater.....
Larry ,,measure up what you need for covers and PM Deere G ,,hes the Acrylic guru ,,,seems to come through alllllll the time for me, and hes one hell of a nice guy too . he should be able to help you bro


Cove Beach

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I have a set of glass tops that may fit your tank. You can borrow or buy, your choice. Oh yeah i tried to send you a PM but it says its full. You may need to clear out sent mail as well as received.


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I would get the glass ones offered to you by Cove Beach. The acrylic tops get pretty ugly from bowing (because of heat), salt creep, and condensation. They are very hard to keep clean for light to pass through easily. IME/IMO