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Hello, I am new to this site, I already posted something but in a different place, I was told to come here. My boyfriend has a salt water tank and I would like to start my own. Although he will be helping me alot it doesnt hurt to hear new info and advice ya kno? I havent bought any thing yet. I want to get a tank and put like a pair of clown fish and an anemone, but I dont know much about them. Although I will be reading a lot and taking in as much info as I can it doesnt hurt to hear from you guys. So if any one is willing to help me I'd greatly apreaciate!!!
Read the clownfish FAQ at the beginning of this forum that will help out greatly

Here are a few articles you may want to read. The first thing you'll want to realize is that nothing happens fast in this hobby. . .well, it can, but usually with disasterous effects. The clowns you'll be able to get after a couple months, but don't make the same mistake I made and get an anemone too early. Wait 6 months as an absolute minumum. Most people advise having your tank set up for a full year to make sure it's stabilized. Anyway, here are the articles:

Beginner's guide


And just so you can understand us when we start spouting off a bunch of acronyms:


Best of luck!