Looking for another school in this area


Dr. Zooqi
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Now since loyalsock is ready I'm working on getting to another school. One by one and we are doing great. I was happy to know that all kids in one of the schools want to know when is the next drawing for the next nano reef. This tells me that our program is working and thanks to those who helped.


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well as i think its more edjucational for younger children i would aim for a middle school or elementry. Sheridan St has an elementry school. i live right here by Old lycomings middle school i think thats the school right up Hayes lane.

just my suggestion not to mention i went to Sheridan elementry.


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hey mo
bubba is in northampton middle school and you know that i have three kids to put thought that school,it's the big bunch of buildings that were bye the calfo event i'm sure some of our locals would help out.
only problem is the 2.5 hour drive each way i could sugggest it for a ncpars school project but lets see what happens after may 6th