Looking for basic starter corals


Zoa/Paly Collector
Hey Guys/Gals

As many of you know my system crashed twice in the last year and I lost virtually everything. As much as I loved collecting designer corals, I'm going back to basics and just want to have an "easier" to maintain system. With that being said, I'm looking for basic stuff.....xenia, softies, hammers, torches, frog spawn, zoas....even star polyps. I can trade or buy......and donations are always appreciated!:D


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I have a big rock of Sympodium. I've never fragged it, but if you want to come over you can try to cut a big piece off. It's my only coral that is not SPS, zoa or acan.


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I also have a frag of tyree Armageddon 2 that were gonna go into the raffle but ill bring an extra for you