Looking for good homes for my fish

Michelle L

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I am moving and shutting down my system, and I am looking for good homes for my fishy friends.

I hope I don't sound rude, but I am pretty particular about where these guys go. I want large systems for the big fish (at least 180 gallons, preferably larger...must be at least a 6 foot long tank) and experienced hobbyists who can care for them. I prefer well-established systems.

I have a very large yellow tang available, and he's my favorite. He's easily the largest I have seen outside of public aquarium systems...probably 7 inches or larger including tail (I can't get him to sit still for a measurement. :) ) He used to be very aggressive when he was the lone fish but the more fish I added, the more laid back he became. Now he very rarely bothers the other fish and even then it's only a swat when they crowd him.

I have a powder blue tang who is probably 5-ish inches. Eats like a champ and hasn't been aggressive in my tank. Broke out in ich due to stress when I first got him last year but has been healthy ever since. Gorgeous deep blue and chubby.

I have a large magnificent foxface that is about 7-8 inches (with tail). Eats the heck out of any algae he can find. Nice fish, kind of stupid. I named it Bessie because it eats like a cow. Can be passive aggressive when it guards food (sits next to nori sheets and sticks out it's spines at the other fish).

I also have a very large male Naso tang. Used to have streamers but the foxface tends to nip them, I think. He is about 7-8 inches including tail. Very easy keeper and like a tank in the water. Would prefer very large system for this guy because he looks cramped in my 220 gallon. Very laid back.

Last I have a starry blenny that I will let go to a smaller system. He's funny and personable. Tends to jump out of system with no hood. We've rescued him from the floor (and the cat) twice.

Get with me and we'll discuss your system and prices. I am located in Bloomington, IL...about three and a half hours north of St. Louis. I would consider delivering the fish if the home is right. Thanks.
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