looking for information reguarding photography

Chad Vossen

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im new to photography. I use my dads Kodak easyshare a lot and have come up with some really nice photos.

but now im hooked, and I want to work my way up to "pro".

are there any photography forums, articles, or other informational sites that can help me?

any tips that will point me in the right direction are greatly appreciated

i am expecially interested in macro photos. they seem to capture something that just cant be seen with the eye.


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A good professional photographer is an artist. There is a term "starving artist". Before you go down this path decide whether that is important to you. You might just want to me a enthusiastic amatuer.

The thing about art, if you are truely creative and love what your doing the money will come. Just not right away and not all at once. That's why its good to have a fall back plan.

As for photography itself. Learning your equipment and being able to get shots in focus is the easy part. Everyone learns that in time with a little practice and experiance. The hard part is getting a photographers eye. The ability to look at something and know how it will look in print. I have to admit, I don't have it yet. I drove around all winter complaining that the brown landscape getting any decent pictures impossible. Then I see pros who traveled the same landscape and get beautiful captures.

Anyway, learn about composition, get a somewhat decent digital camera, I recommend a nice used SLR, (the through lens view makes composition easier) and start taking pictures. Take hundreds of them and examine them for what you like and don't like about them. Read books, read the net, and look at lots and lots of pro pictures to see how they did it.


Chad Vossen

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i may have something of a photographers eye already. just yesterday i watched the moon position itself perfectly among some trees, and i wished i had a camera to capture the scene. plus many other nature related moments which i could have really used a camera.
here is one moment which i was lucky enough to have a camera with:

i guess im just going to continue reading, and saving up for something nice.


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Try Dpreview for technical issues about different cameras and cameras comparison,
Fred miranda is a very nice site too where it's less technical than Dpreview and provides a forum for each style of photography.