Looking for input on plumbing for my new tank


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Well after much debate, I have finally decided on a size for the new tank,72x30x26. Now I need to finish my plumbing layout as James intends to start on it next week. I have been playing around with CAD and think I may have come across something I like but would like to hear what you all think.

I am debating on the return pump. I have a Panworld that will push around 1200gph but I am thinking I may want to use a Dart as I am thinking of making a manifold to be able to run my chiller, UV, calcium reactor and a couple of phosban reactors before returning to the tank.

For circulation, originally I had picked up a Wave2k unit. I have spoken to a few people that actually own them and they have good things to say but I am having second thoughts as I am really into having that clean look inside the tank. So still thinking about that.

I will use an 8-way running through 8 Omniflex nozzels for the closed loop. This will be fed by a Hammerhead. I intend to t-off to run both the 8-way and a spraybar behind the rock.

I am open to your thoughts and suggestions. I need to get this sorted out by this weekend, so let it rip. I have attached a PDF for refference.

One thing that will be changed that is not reflected in the drawing is that the sump returns will be raised slightly.

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I have had a similar idea on my set up, that is, running one large pump to act as a return and to feed various pieces of equipment. The main problem that I see is how to get the correct flow rates in each branch off the manifold. You will need ball valves all over the place to help you dial it in, but unless you have a flow meter, you will never really know if you are getting the proper flow through each piece of equipment.

Thats where I am hung up. Otherwise it makes sense. One large pump is cheaper then several smaller pumps both in upfront cost and operating costs.
Between the 8 way and the closed loop wont you have anough flow? I do not think you need the wave2k. I am running an OM 4 way with a dolphin ampmaster 3600 on my 120. I have it dialed back because my overflows cannot handle it wide open. I am upgrading to a 500 gallon tank and I cannot wait to use my OM 4 way on that. Th OM units can handle alot of water!
Yeah after giving it some thought, I am going to do away with the Wave2k unit. I really wanted to try it just to see how it worked but I really don't need it with the 8-way and hammerhead.

If anyone is interested, I have the unit for sale. It is brand new.