Looking for lights for a 75g..


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I am looking into starting a 75g saltwater tank and have been doing alot of reading. But as I read I am still not figuring out what lights are best and what type is needed. I am interested in having coral and all in the tank but am looking to spend <$400 for all the lights to cover the whole tank.

Any help in any directions would be appreciated. Will it be possible to get good lights to grow coral and possible have "moonlight" settings for under $400?

Would something like this be good lighting? 400 Metal Halide Aquarium Light w/ 10k bulb

If so would anything else be needed with it?

Sorry for being a lighting idiot and thanks for the help. :bum:


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Wow a 400 Would be a bit much. I would look at say 2 x 175 watters.
250s would be the most you would ever need on a 75. I am not sure about it but I have heard of some shakey lighting deals on Ebay. I would look mighty hard at that one. If you are handy you could most likely DIY a 75 w MH for 400:00

Try here www.hellolights.com


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Thanks for the help. I will look into some 175s - 250s. I have to say this is the worst part of starting my reef tank. I want to have the right lights the first time.


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hey indiana, i just purchased my replacement power compact lights from this guy off ebay and i have to say that they have EXCELLENT customer service! one of my actinics arrived broken on the end, but after a phone call, the other one was in the mail in no time...he has a 48" MH setup that is 2x175w that would be great...im actually thinking about purchasing it myself, but i want to get my $$ out of these PC's first lol
48" MH Fixture


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I have bought a few sets from catalina aquarium .com They are good. i am looking into 2 x 175 for my 90 they are like 250 shipped


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Odyssea lights? i thought they were reputable..



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I have a set - had them about a year - 2x150 MH + 2x96W PC +6 moonlights - great deal (like $350).

Then last friday my wife called me while I was at a baseball game, 10:30 at night, "The smoke alarm's going off, the kids are outside with the dog, what should I do?" (Answer: call 911).

It was the Odessea, burning up and melting down in my tank cabinet.

No permenant damage done, but no question I failed to take care of my home and family when I purchased these "super cheap" lights...

The remains of the Odessea lights are now in the garage, I have just purchased a "name" brand from Marine Depot.