Looking for Millies.... Would like to Trade


Hey Guys,

Had some tank issues the past few months and my millies and tenuis took a heavy hit.

Would like to restock with trades for corals.

What I have to trade is....

Nice sized frags of Miyagi Tort

Various size frags of the True Leng Sy Purple Rim Cap

Colonies of Red Cap

Any Size frag you would like of the Red Monti Cap with Orange Polyps

Frags of Yellow Tort (Really Austera) from 2" frags to 4" Mini colonies

I just broke a 8"x4"+ plate off the Grafted Monti Cap - With good color variation -- Would be willing to trade for pieces of it or the whole thing

And if you have some really cool millies to trade I have a couple of frags of Oregon Tort.

Would like to receive frags of reasonable size... If you can count the axialite or polyps using your fingers, it's not frag in my book ;)

Located in Encino.

Travelling between Encino and San Diego on Saturday might be able to meet along the 405/5

Dave B

PS - I know the titles says trade for Millies - But you guys know me I am a coral Addict and would be willing to trade for any cool or unusual pieces. Dollar value is irrelevant to me I just need it to be something I think is cool.


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Hey Dave, I have a piece you may like and would love to get a piece of your Leng Sy. Please PM if you are ever going to be in the San Gabriel Valley/Los Angeles Area.

It's RR something (lost the name) ... lol


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" If you can count the axis lite or polyps using your fingers, it's not frag in my book" lol [emoji23][emoji106]

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