Looking for new acrylic custom tank

Keith Better

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Anyone who has had a good or bad experience ordering a custom acrylic tank please let me know. I am looking to order one soon and would like to know of someone who does good work, is reliable and has fair prices. It is good to know who not to call as well.
Thank you for your help!


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I know acrylic lovers will most likely bash me for this one. Acrylic is nice super clear and very impressive looking. It can look like a work of art, IF ONLY IT DID NOT SCRATCH SO EASY.

Glass is heavier for a large tank and hard to move, not as clear, unless you get low iron glass. But scraping coraline algae is easier etc. If you get a acrylic tank be careful not to scratch it, use special scrapers and pads.

Good luck!


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Currently I am having a tank made at Envision Acrylics. He builds amazing tanks at a fair price. Customer service is top notch as well. Do a search and you will see what I am talking about.


I have seen his work up close and it is GREAT!!!!

He also does work for large public aquariums like the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Shipping might be a pain thou....