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I'm looking for ideas of a new fish that I can put in my 90 gallon mixed reef. I have some SPS and zoas with a few other coral and my current fish are: pair of clowns, bicolor blenny, small huma huma trigger I inherited, and a yellow tang.

I've been back and forth on what I want and am looking for ideas on what would be a good fit. I've considered a mandarin dragonet but decided against it until I have a refugum to grow out pods. I've also considered a snowflake or blue ribbon eel, and often go back and forth on getting one. I don't have many snails or hermits now so I wouldn't be terribly conserned with them eating them, but am not sure if they'd attack my blenny or clowns. I also have a couple of urchins, but haven't heard of eels attacking them.

I tried a blue spot puffer a while back, but was unlucky and we was sick when I got him and didn't make it :( I do like the idea of a small puffer as well, but after the last one am not sure.

Any ideas to get the gears turning would be appreciated. I often look through live aquaria, but haven't seen anything that I'm certain would be good. I want something odd or with a lot of personality. And prefer something not aggressive.


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IMO, I would maybe consider finding another home for the Humu trigger. There are some triggers you can get lucky with in a reef (Xanthichthys family), but this one will likely give you problems at some point. (Whether it be aggression or what it may choose to snack on in your tank.) The snowflake eel is iffy, especially with smaller fish, and as cool as the ribbon eel is, it's survivability rate is dismal at best. That said, fairy wrasses are great fish for reef tanks and most are quite peaceful. The flame, lineatus, and rhomboid are a few of the pretty cool looking ones and can add some nice flair to the tank. Anyway, hope that helps.


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Like said above wrasses would make a great addition, also have you thought of taking chances and going with a angel?

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If you like puffers a lot, you should look into a green spotted. They often are sold as freshwater fish and you just convert them to saltwater over a day. They're full of personality and imo pretty hardy if you get a healthy fat one. Mine leaves all inverts in the tank alone, but a friend's even flips Mexican turbo snails and chomps down.


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Avoid the blue ribbon eel like the plague. They have a terrible survival rate and it should be illegal to collect them. They are best left in the ocean.

The snowflake would probably do ok, but it's a craps shoot if it goes after the fish or not. Typically they don't, but each animal is different. Just make sure you cover the tank, and I mean cover it. Eels will get out of the smallest hole.

You need to get rid of the trigger. It gets way too big for that tank, will become insanely aggressive and is not reef safe.

Personality wise the other guys are right. There are many fairy wrasses that are beautiful and have great personalities.


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Thanks for the responses. I'll be looking into all of the suggested fish to see what I like.

The idea of converting a freshwater puffer is interesting. Can you really do that in a day? I've only herd of mollies being converted before.


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+2 on the fairy wrasses (not as bad as the eel, but still, a cover is needed since they jump). I also like Anthias. I have an auto feeder, since they have to be fed frequently. Peaceful, pretty, and reef safe.


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Ohh, and I'm not intending on keeping the trigger long term in this tank. I have a friend who's tank cracked and I took him until he gets a new tank setup. He hasn't bothered any coral or other fish. he is pretty small now though, so I wasn' t too worried to keep him short term.
I'll look into the fairy wrasses. I've never considered them before. I'll have to go to the LFS and watch them and see if I like them. I do plan on covering/sealing my tank soon regardless of fish selection. I want to cover up my lights and hide the equipment better. Well, that's what the wife wants. I don't really care either way.