Looking for pointers


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Couple new macro's. Can I improve on this?





I don't have starfire glass which doesn't help. Any way to get more pop in my colors?


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I would use a higher shutter speed. More pop in your colors is what you worry about after you get everything else right. The excessive blur should be your first priority in my opinion.


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Nice job on your images.
I agree with Mikey. use a faster shutter speed.. a few of those look especially hot to me. upping your speed a tad will allow for more saturated colors in this case.

image #2 has a strong blue caste which i find a bit distracting. totally your pref, but using a white balance and/or ideally balancing the temp of the light on your exposure to offset for the actinics will greatly help.

oh and using RAW is the way to go for major adjustments such as wb (you prob already knew that though).

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IMO, you have plenty of color. Your biggest issue is sharpness.

Are you using a tripod? If not, I suggest trying one. You can get sharp clear focus with longer shutterspeeds than you are using.

If you are hand holding I'm impressed with your relative steadiness but as others have said you'll need to shorten your shutterspeed to get sharper images.