Looking for Premium Live Rock


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I’m looking for a large amount of premium live rock. I am interested in buying “show pieces” (100-300 pounds) of Koelini, Eva, Vavau or Vanuatu with lots of growth an coralline. There is nothing in my area (CT) so figured would try this board try. If anyone has some nice live rock you can drop me a pm. Thanks…


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There is a sw fish store on LI in Bay Shore called Fishy, Inc. The ownerf Les gets only Marshall Island LR. I've had mine 3 weeks and it has tons of purple, 3 shades and is gnarly with a ton of caves (my flasher wrasses and blackcap basslet sleep in the nooks.)

I am a rookie, but from the bit I know, I endorse his LR very much.


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Les is a GREAT guy AND NOT a ripoff I whole heatly recommend his store! ( fishy inc on montalk hwy bayshore)!
(sorry for thes pelling mistakes):eek:
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please post if you find any that size. I looked quite a bit, but had no luck. I ended up getting reeferrocks, which are huge slabs of base rock. I chiseled em a little bit and now they look pretty great, all covered w/ coralline etc..

Plus, no hitchhikers!