looking for saltwater mentor around Greenfield, IL


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I think you can find out just about anything you want to know on this site. Just ask your questions and you will get some great answers!


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What kind of help do you need? We have a lot of folks here willing to help you. Just let us know;)


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I'm still trying to learn all I can at this point, also trying to decide what the best setup would be. The best place in the house is a 57" wall so I'm thinking a 48" tank, but 75 gal? 90 gal? 110 gal? I would also like to find someone to phsically help me get everything set up and running.

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size of tank is a good place to start. One thing is for sure very rarely did you get a big enough tank.

Second what do you want to keep? That will pretty much put you in direction of type of equipment you will need.

You should come to one of our pizza nights and meet up with some of these yahoos. It is a good group and you can get to interact with some pretty knowledgeable people.

When it comes to setting up. when you are ready just ask. Dave had about 10 guys show up to move his tank a couple months back.

We all have the same love and have all had our share of stories on what works and doesn't work.

By the way WELCOME, mine isn't as flashy as some...
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Aside from searching the web, I would also recommend getting a good book on setting up a reef/saltwater tank. It will teach you the basics and the low down on the nitrogen cycle.


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I would recommend that you figure out how much you are willing to invest whether it be time or money.

Then you can decide how big a tank to get.

Then you need to know what you are going to keep(fish, soft coral, SPS) which will help you know what equipment you might need now and in the future.

After that it all in the planing of the system as to where it is going to all fit.

Then get all the pieces of the puzzle together and you are ready to begin.

If you need help with putting it together there is always someone willing to help out. We have a bunch of fun and helpful members in this club but all have busy lives.

O by the way, welcome to the addiction. :D


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Thanks to all of you who have responded and keep the input coming. You all sound like a great bunch! 10 of you showing up to help with a move is amazing!! Yes, I have several books I'm studying including "The Simple Guide to Mini Reef Aquariums" which has some great info.


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i vote no on the 110gal, look into a 120 48x24x24. but as others stated figure out what you want to keep first