Looking for some mid-range Zoas


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I'm looking to buy some zoas. I don't care about names or lineage so long as they look good. Specifically looking for zoas with bright colors. The only one I'd like in particular is Utter Chaos, maybe Rastas. Ideally looking for someone with multiple for sale but not required.

I'm looking for good value zoas, not super cheap browned out but also not $50 per polyp designer zoas.


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My son has a bunch for sale pretty cheap. Frags are cut to order (except mushrooms). Here's the list!

Bambams- 3p - $10
Bob Marley- 4p - $20
Chong Bong- 4p - $20
Chucky's Bride- 2p- $20
Fire and Ice- 4p - $20
Grandis Paly- 3p - $20
JF Captain Jerk- 3p - $10
Laser Lemon- 4p - $20
Nirvana- 2p- $10
Rastas- 4p - $20

Forest Fire Rhodactis- .75" - $20
Iron Man Jawbreaker- .5" - $20

Candy Apple- $10
Chili Pepper- $10
Green Spongeode- $10
Idaho Grape- $10
Mystic Sunset- $10
Text (650)580-7725