Looking for some stuff for my new build


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Hello all
I am in the process of building a 24" cube, and I am still trying to collect all the items. I will we starting a build thread as soon as I can get to a point of having enough to get started.
Here are the things I am still looking for.

Return pump, submersible 500-700 GPH

250W MH ballast- I have a DIY one, but would prefer an actual one.

24" T5 actinics ballast, lights end caps the whole shabang or just some parts to get me going.

Moonlights- stand alone or some kind of fixture

Fans-computer or similar for cooling the canopy and under tank refugium.

Rid-Volt or similar

1 timer- I have 3 but still need one more

Plumbing I don't really know all that I need for this yet, but if you have some extra white PVC flex hose or elbows or whatever

Sand and rock will be need, but obviously not near ready yet.

Thanks for looking and please keep me in mind when you are going through you're fish stuff.

PM me with what you have, and please take into consideration that I am on a budget.



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i have a bunch of plumbing parts.
and the left over plumbing from the old tank since the new tank is up and running.


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Sweet I'll have to come over and check out the new setup, and I would be happy to take any of the plumbing off you're hands for you.


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If you decide to go the DIY lights route, I think I've got a brand new Workhorse 5 out in the garage. It will run 4 24" HO T5 bulbs.



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Ok I was able to score a 250W MH ballast from Keys Island, if you guys havn't made it over to his new store yet, you should try and make the trip, it's worth it. Those guys over there are awesome.
I am getting some misc. plumbing parts from pescados, but I could still use some more.

larryl, how much do you want for the Workhorse 5? Do you have any other stuff?

Does any one else have anything to get this project off the ground?
Thanks for looking