Looking for Tank Plumbing Expert for Hire


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Hey Guys,

Been a while on here. I am looking for someone that would be willing to help me fix my plumbing and re organize all my stuff under the tank. Recently my Protein Skimmer is not skimming and i have a rats nest of tubes, wires etc. I am willing to pay someone for there time. I have a 90 Gal Bow Oceanic tank so its a bit tight in the cabinet. I currently have a Proform Refugium Sump, Protein Skimmer, Little Fishes Phosban/Carbon Reactor, 2 hanging shut off floats, a overflow for my Protein Skimmer and a pump. Currently the plumbing is only using tubing and i would love to get some PVC with shut off valves in case of emergency. Im located in Smithtown if anyone has the knowledge and ambition to help me and make some money on the side. PM me if interested.



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Looking for Tank Plumbing Expert for Hire

Some pics of what you have to start with would help.
Wire ducts and a simple layout make it easier.

This was mine after I finished last year.