Looking for volunteers of the Nomination Committee


Since we are now officially an NPO and have ratified our by-laws we need to start rolling on the elections "by the books"....We're starting this late, so we need to get it rolling....

At this time I need at least 2 volunteers to serve as the Nomination committee. You chief roll will be to form a list of nominations for the election to be held at the general membership meeting at the next swap. We will hold this meeting at the Reefnest event pending approval from the board on the plan to sponsor the event. If this does not go through, we will need to hold it at our own meeting to occur prior to July 1st.

To put it officially:
Your sole responsibility will be to prepare a slate of nominees for the election. This will be done now, prior to the event, and must be submitted 10 days prior to the event. Nominations will also be taken on the floor at the election.

I'll give you more details on the "whats" and "hows" once we have our volunteers. At this time I will accept 2005 members as well as 2006 members. However, at the next event you MUST sign up for 2006 membership. The only reason I'm allowing this is because I know that most people don't pay dues until the first event of the year.

We'll need one person to head the committee as well. So think about that.

There are no specified limits to the number of people, but I'd like to see 3.

--Kevin Fizz
--President, NCPARS
Fizz got a quick question for ya. If I volunteer for this task does it in any way keep me from being put on the ballot for the elections? I will head the committee if I am still able to run! I will need information and member info as well. Keep me posted. I would like to help so here it is!


Fizz you also might want to sticky this thread! I would have missed it if I wasn't looking for new threads!


I can't sticky threads....To my knowledge RC hasn't come up with a way for people to sticky in their own forums. I'll try "reporting" this thread.

And to answer your question...I see no mention in the bylaws of the nominating committee being barred from nominating themselves. After all..you still need to be elected...so there's really no power here..just advertising and gathering.

Thank you Fizz for the update. I am willing to be on the nominating committee then! There is one down and two to go! Who else would like to help me with nominations?
Fizz, I am ready for the "Whats" and the "Hows"!!!!!


TY mhurley...and I'm chatting to Ricky about this as we speak, but we need a few more people.

Well Brad, this "everyone" is wondering why it takes three people to do what seems like a one man job. I'm wondering how three people would make this job more efficient. Why would three be needed when it's just compiling a list of those nominated? It's just one list, right?
Murph your funny. You might want to be careful as it has come to my attention that I am nasty and I slam people when I voice my opinion.



P.S. I am sorry if I have hurt anyones feelings. I am not sorry for my opinion. Do not take this personally, I still like you as friends!
Wasn't really meant to be funny Ricky, but glad if it gave you a chuckle. :D I honestly read Fizz's thread and asked myself that question. By then, you had already responded. I looked at it and said "Well, that's pretty easy, I could do that." My very next thought was "How many guys does it take to change one light bulb?" :D I figured I must be missing something.
I cannot serve on the nominating committee because I an new and I don't know anyone.
Is it possible that some of the outgoing board members could serve on the nominating committee? That is how we do it on our church council.
But it's not like we all live together. I'm assuming most of the nominating will take place online and the nominations could be continually posted and updated online. The only thing I would think that needs to be done in person is voting and counting the votes. I would think counting the votes is where you want more than one person. The compiling names part isn't exactly an area where anyone would be dishonest and eliminate someone. Plus, if they did that person could be added prior to elections.
The committee's job is to solicit nominees. Could one person do it? Yes...but like Brad said...it's nice to have more than one person to help keep things honest. It's also nice for the person doing it to know he/she is not alone in the task. Some people won't volunteer for things if they know they're responsible for all of it.

The bylaws call for a "committee" which generally isn't one person. So I asked for a few. There will be an email setup for this too...what if somebody sends the one person an email that they won't be at the event, but want to be on the nominations list and that one person doesn't like them? By the time the rest of the club finds out about it, it could be too late. I'm not saying Ricky would do it, but the whole point of a committee is that it is a collaboration with checks and balances. Then you also have the possibility of something happening to that one person that they need to drop out...a committee gives you backup..even if it's a simple task.

I expect a lot of the chatting to occur in a thread so it'd also be nice to have more than one person checking in. Ricky seems to be around a lot so it's probably OK if it's just him. And at this point, it will probably be just him, but that's not a committee.

FYI...I got an email from Rich Rivera. He can't post on RC but he wants to be part of the committee. He asked me to post this.

I'd be willing to be on the committee but since I cannot join in on the chats I don't know if it would work out.

hey kevin
is this were we are notinating people or should the "committee"start a thread,or should we bring up the old 1
after last night i tossed some ideas over in my head.and lost more sleep over it.
Carl...I will leave that up to Ricky. He's pretty much the head of the committee, so how ever he wants to commincate is fine. You could try one of our chat rooms too if it becomes necessary..they're ok for small use.

I should be able to get everthing setup tonight, then Ricky can start a thread or do whatever he deems necessary.