looking to buy a 125 custom stand


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im looking to buy a stand for a 125, and due to the fact that it will be in my living room, i want it to look nice, unlike most of the stands around today. i am willing to pay porpotionally for the craftmenship i will be getting. if anyone is interesteing please PM me, thanks- chris


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i think i can help you out. i've built a few stands and canopys for reefers in the club. we can go as simple or fancy as you want.


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Another idea, kitchen cabinets for base

Another idea, kitchen cabinets for base

I was in the same situation as you... All the stands that are for sale for aquariums are not the best looking. I wanted a stand that matched my kitchen and simply purchased two 36" base cabinets. I braced the inside for extra support. The cabinets and the finish look worked out very well. Currently, I will need to get a canopy done. I may need to get this custom? or go to the place I purchased the cabinets and simply get cabinet doors and build a frame and hinge it to the top. Anyway, this is a link with some pictures: