looking to buy a HOB skimmer whats the best


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Just wondering if I could get some advice on what is a good hob skimmer I no longer have the option for a sump and need to get a skimmer asap. since an in sump skimmer is not an option im hoping there is a HOB skimmer that is good.
There's no objective data on skimmers, but you could look at the CoraLife SuperSkimmers. The one I have seems to be okay. A used BakPak would be less expensive, but perhaps less effective. Some people like the Remora skimmers, but I got tired of my Remora Pro and replaced it.
I use the CPR BakPak, although I wouldn't say it is the best by any means. I added some extra airstones to it and it works much better. It only cost me $50 used, so it was inexpensive.
it seems there are alot of mixed feelings about the remora's. Im just trying to get something that I wont have to worry about replacing anytime soon because it fails to perform.
I think I'm going to get the deltec...which model is ideal for a 55-gallon reef? (needs to be HOB since I won't have a sump).
MCE600 seems to be the one people use. Head over to the Deltec forum for info.
Deltec MCE600 is the one -- and you could use it on a larger tank later. If you can afford that one, it will likely make you the happiest.

For me the next step down in performance would be the Coralife. After that the Remora Pro.
Precision Marine HOB skimmer, I have had one for 5 years, and with the optional waste collector, there is nothing to worry about. It has been perfect on my new tank about 50 gallons and my older tank 30 gallons. Very good product in my opinion