Looking to buy two of the large 200 watt power supplies


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I had a burn out problem with my power supplies , and I lost two . Please don't panic , it was my fault . I had them mounted where they didn't get enough cooling . They were mounted flat (no space under the case) , and only one inch between them . I also didn't have any fan blowing on them . You need to keep them cool , but you don't need a lot of air flow , just a little will keep them cool . Anyway I am looking to buy two more large power supplies quick , because my lights are down . I don't want to wait for an order to come from China . If you have extra , or want to get different power supplies , I will buy yours , and pay all your cost . I will pay the shipping cost ,plus the price of the power supplies .

Please let me know if you want to do this ASAP , Ted


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Are these for an led light setup?if so why dont you get some meanwell drivers instead?they are much better than those chinese ones.bil from reefledlights.com could probably hook you up with the correct drivers for your application.


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i have 7 Mean Well ELN-60-48D dimmable driver i can sell it to you i will not need them until late next week