Looking to buy...


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for my classroom aquariums...

Anemones for the many clowns.

Xenia, kenya trees, zooanthids, mushrooms, or any other fast growing/hardy corals

Also, any inverts you don't want. Good reef keepers, but we also have a flatworm tank, a mantis tank, a stone crab tank...just because you don't want them doesn't mean we don't :) :lolspin:

Our lights are strong enough in a couple tanks to grow most anything, but budget is very limited...and sadly, I can't drive too far so hopefully here in Pasco, or northern Pinellas, or southern Hernando.



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I have a large rock covered with green star polyps you can have. I also have a few zoanthids as well. All free for a classroom tank. I am in new port richey. And can deliver if needed.


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WOW, thank you!!! Rob, you're probably a bit far for me, but thank you. If we head that way over Thanksgiving, I'll hunt you down. PM'ing you ClownMan.


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Hey Laine. I have Kenya tree, mushrooms, and urchins that I can give you for free. Maybe some other stuff. I'll be around this weekend. Live at Livingston and 56 in Land O Lakes. PM me your number and we can coordinate.

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I'm sure I could give you a few anemones. Mine are splitting faster than I know what to do with. I'm near Rob Thorn if you do want one or two or three :). My Clarke's host in them so ......


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Are you still looking for corals? I have some GSP, non-photo synthetic gorgonian, elephant ear and cabbage coral that I can give you.


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I have a lot of different corals I can donate. To include zoos and leathers and I'm sure or if I look around. Live in Trinity.