looking to make waves on a budget


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as the title says looking for better powerheads so i can make waves in my tank i have a mixed reef and its a 180.


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tall chair, swimming trunks,




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How about a few Vortechs
Thats true, he didnt say small budget. :p


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MJ high-flow mod on a sea-swirl. Get the swirl used and can do it all for under $100.


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Cheapest powerheads I've seen are the Odyssea's from Aquatrader.com--and they are cheap--but I can't imagine they pump at the rate advertised.


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i have one vortech on a 120 plus 2xkoralia #3 when the vortech revs up its like a tsunami in there ( i throtle it back a touch and raise it higher in the tenk so the sand dosnt fly around)


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How much flow does a modded MJ put out?

MJ1200 with a white prop from the Sure Flow kit yields about 2000 gph. Though I have found using the 900's gives the best results. The white prop on the 1200 more often than not tends to make noise even though the white prop was suppose to resolve the problem.


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koralias for the money are great, i switched over to a tunze nanostream 6025 though and the flow is better with a smaller footprint. you pay for it with price though, as i payed $80 locally plus tax, online they go for $70. Im giving a vortech hard consideration but right now im a lot more interested in finding a lighting fixture.