Los Angeles Reef Society - February 8th meeting - PAR, PUR and lighting


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Hello everyone!
The next LARS meeting will be Sunday February 8th at 7pm. This meeting we will have a speaker on PAR and PUR values. How to read those numbers and understand what they mean. Our discussion will feature lighting and how different lighting affects your corals. With our Par Meter in Circulation, this is a great time to sign up for use of the meter.

The discussion of Rock will be moved to our March meeting to give us more time to cure the rocks and show progress with the fluctuation of the phosphates.

Everyone is welcome, bring whomever you would like to accompany you. No pressure to join or participate but we would love it if you did.

We will have our club Frag Tank set up for members to sell corals. Members will also have a chance at an exclusive free raffle. This months Raffles with feature some nice named Zoas from Crazy Corals.

Perfect time to join as the new year has just begun. We have about a dozen LFS stores that offer discounts for members. We will be discussing our members only Bus tour as well.

3506 Rosemead Blvd
Rosemead CA 91770
Sunday February 8th at 7pm

Don't forget to check out our web site at www.LAreefsociety.org



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For anyone on the fence about joining the meeting this weekend here are a couple of corals we will be raffling off.

Provided by Crazy Corals

WWC pink Krak

Rainbow Incinerator

We will also be raffling off a light donated by Aquatic life. Members also get to participate in a free raffle.



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our frag tank will be up and running for anyone looking for some cheap corals. Aquatic life will have a presentation on PAR and PUR. Our PAR meter is back in our possession for free use by members. See Ryan or steve to sign up to use it.