Lost the fight - how to decontaminate the tank and equipment?


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Hi Guys,

I just have a 150 gallon fish-only tank. The fish got sick and despite all my efforts all the fish have died. I've taken them to the local university where the bodies were dissected and at least 5 different kind of parasites and infections were found in them. Some of the infections were super agressive (I've made one dissection when the first fish died), like tissue eating bacterial infection. We tried several treatments but nothing helped :(

I do not want to risk any cross-infection when I buy new fish later to the tank. I'd like to use some kind of disinfectant.

There is no live rock in the tank (only dry live rock), neither any living thing now (like inverts or any other living animals), so I could use anything that won't leave any toxic residue in the tank.

What is your tip?

The tank is in the living room and it is pretty cold now out here (I'm from europe) so I'd like to avoid anything that is:
- toxic to the family like Formaldehyde
- smelly

Because I cannot do airing in the room.