Lots of fish for sale


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All of these fish came out of healthy tanks and have been established for at least 6 months (except the Scribble, probably 4 months on him). Some are out of a 150g and others a 300g. I'm clearing livestock for tank moves not getting out of the hobby so I'm not desperate to sell but I'd like to move these quickly.

I'd consider all of them medium size except the Vlamingi and Scribble being on the smaller side. None are tiny and certaining none are "show" size, although they are all quality fish.

Vlamingi tang $25
Yellow tang $25
Purple tang $100
Achilles tang $135 (biggest of the tangs)
Orange Shoulder tang $25
Tomini Tang $30
Naso tang $20
Powder Blue tang $35
Powder Brown tang $35
Scribble Angel $175
Bristle Tail Filefish $20
6 line wrasse $10

I live in Lake County, Tavares specifically, but often come to Orlando and would be happy to meet during one of my trips.


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Everything has been put on hold except the purple, scribble, and Bristle Tail. I'll post if anything falls through on the other fish


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I purchaed 2 tanks from a friend and I'm breaking down one of my tanks, replacing it with one of his, and combining fish. I don't have room for them all right now so I'm thinning the herd.