Low calcium with Reef Crystals????


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Just wanting to know if anyone has had low calcium with fresh batches of Reef Crystals. Mine just measured 350 using a Salifert test. SG is at 1.025 and alk is 13dkH.
I'm thinking my test kit needs replacing (it's about a year old) but maybe not.
Just tested with a new salifert test kit. Reading = 375 Still a little low, IMO, and probably contributing to the low calcium problem I've got with my tank right now.
I've had the same problem with low calc. in my ReefCrystals salt. Although I'm only on my second bucket of this stuff, it's never tested over 400, usually around what you're getting, 375. The last five water changes, I've added 1 tsp. of Kent TurboCalc to each 5 gallon bucket. This yields a calc. reading of 435. With this new procedure and the addition of a Kalk reactor, my tank calc. has been steady in the 430s. So, start off by adding enough calc. product to the main tank to bring it up to where you want it. Then try adding a little calc. product to your new water before adding it. With the help of a calc. reactor or kalk addition, you should be able to keep calc. where you want it. The alkalinity is great in reefcrystals. Consistently about 10 dKH. The other problem I have with crystals is low Mag. levels. Increasing the Mag. levels of your makeup water will also help with your calc. issues.
Always tests over 400 for fresh batch. Reefcrystals is actually supposed to have added calcium in it compared to its counter part Instant ocean(same maker).
Well, my first bucket tested 420+ and I just assumed I was getting the same from this second bucket. When I got near the bottom of the bucket I tested my tanks for calcium and found them to be ridiculously low (320-330) -- despite a heavy dosing regimen of kalkwasser and Seachem calcium. As noted earlier, I thought my test kit had gone bad....but I think I actually just got a bad bucket of salt. Nothing against ReefCrystals... I just hope this is an isolated incident.