LPS, milli and mosaic cap frags (what's that???)


Actually keaton's mom
I have a few frags to offer...please forgive the crummy TOO BLUE pictures. The pics are of the mother colonies, not of the actual frags:

bluish/green candycane (2 5-6 head frags-$20 each OBO) NOT THIS BLUE!

neon green candycane (1 10-12 head frag-$35 OBO) I can frag more if there is demand.

green milli small colony (appx golf ball or slightly larger $35 OBO)

These pics are old pics of the colonies. The milli colony is now huge and needs the offered piece fragged off to make room. Also, the color is misleading. It is a fairly deep green.

ALSO I have 5 "experiments" sitting on my sandbed. After seeing something similar in a "reef of the month" thread several years ago. I took small frags of monti caps, both green and orange/pink and glued them to frag plugs mosaic style. The idea is that they will grow together into a multi-colored monti cap...well, I waited too late for the swap, they've only been growing out about a month so they don't look like much yet...so I'm offering them at the GREAT LOW LOW price of only $10 each. Grab one and see what happens!!!My lights are off so tomorrow I will get some pics of them.

I really want to be rid of these corals. (My aquarium looks like a yard sale.) I think the prices are very reasonable, but if you don't agree feel free to make an offer! I will be at the swap right at opening Saturday and I can't stay long as I am double booked :) if I can't do the hand off early, maybe we can work something out.

Thanks for looking.
(Keaton's Mom)


Actually keaton's mom
Here is an example of the mosaic cap experiment:


Here is a pic of the actual section of the green milli that I would like to frag off. It is actually about 3" diameter but only 1-1/2 "high" as it tables out rather than growing up:


The mosaic cap frags come from these colonies. The color on these pics is a little better. They are really vibrant in reality (though not in my photography, LOL):



Please forgive my photography. It is not my strong point :)