LR order held due to storms


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I called today to complete my LR order as the shipment was due in yesterday and was informed by Josh that the shipment was delayed a few days due to storms in the area of collection. No big deal I thought, but then as the day passed on the thought of the rock sitting in boxes on a ship for 3-4 days longer than expected has given me 2nd thoughts.
Any idea what the shipping process is over there when storms are in the area? :confused:

Jeremy B.

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When storms go through the Indo-Pacific region it's not possible for them to collect. Flights still leave in and out as planned, but the water is just too rough to go out and do collection, so nothing would be sitting around. The rock wiill be nice and fresh once it comes in. :)



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Flights, :eek1: dont know why I thought they would use ships:lol:

Thnks for that..... Storm rock eh? will be interesting to see....